Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce Membership Banquet

Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year Award to Bite the Bagel Cafe

I always enjoy working with the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce, and I had the pleasure of teaming up with them again to create videos for their annual Membership Banquet. These films include the Large Business of the Year Award, which was awarded to Advent Health Central Texas, and Small Business of the Year Award, awarded to Bite the Bagel Cafe. During the Winter Storm Uri, both found solutions to help their community, providing water, electricity, food and shelter to anyone in need.

Advent Health solved a water pressure issue to make sure they had enough water to keep their facilities clean and sanitary. Staff also volunteered phones or tablets to anyone needing to reach out to their loved ones.

Bite the Bagel opened their doors to anyone who had lost power so that they could have a warm place to stay. They also continued baking bread and offered groceries and other goods, as most stores had not received their shipments during the ice storm.

The Roy J. Smith Award honors a community member who makes great strides in supporting the Greater Killeen area through volunteer work and leadership. This year’s recipient, Diane Connell, has spent decades in leadership and selfless support with her involvement in many organizations in our area.

Thanks again to the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce for a great collaboration while filming! If you need testimonials, tutorials, promo videos or more, shoot me an email and we’ll get to work.