Gearing Up for Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce’s 2023 Awards

I always enjoy working with the team at the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce. Here’s a look back at the 2022 Community Hero of the Year video. The award went to a champion for ending homelessness, Kyle Moore. I also had the pleasure of working with Dr. Robert Marbut on another documentary movie about homelessness. The No Address movie has all-star cast including William Baldwin, Beverly D’Angelo, Patricia Velasquez, Ty Pennington, Ashanti and more. Learn more about No Address.

Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce Membership Banquet

I always enjoy working with the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce, and I had the pleasure of teaming up with them again to create videos for their annual Membership Banquet. These films include the Large Business of the Year Award, which was awarded to Advent Health Central Texas, and Small Business of the Year Award, awarded to Bite the Bagel Cafe. During the Winter Storm Uri, both found solutions to help their community, providing water, electricity, food and shelter to anyone in need.

Advent Health solved a water pressure issue to make sure they had enough water to keep their facilities clean and sanitary. Staff also volunteered phones or tablets to anyone needing to reach out to their loved ones.

Bite the Bagel opened their doors to anyone who had lost power so that they could have a warm place to stay. They also continued baking bread and offered groceries and other goods, as most stores had not received their shipments during the ice storm.

The Roy J. Smith Award honors a community member who makes great strides in supporting the Greater Killeen area through volunteer work and leadership. This year’s recipient, Diane Connell, has spent decades in leadership and selfless support with her involvement in many organizations in our area.

Thanks again to the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce for a great collaboration while filming! If you need testimonials, tutorials, promo videos or more, shoot me an email and we’ll get to work.

Temple Mayor Campaign Videos

Hey, There Is An Election!

I really enjoyed working with Richard Arwood recently in his mayoral campaign for my hometown, Temple, TX. No matter what the election is, I believe every candidate should have their platform heard in order to allow the voters to make an educated decision. There are quite a few videos in the series, but you can check out the one that really covers the meat of his campaign below:

Although I also know and like the incumbent who won the election, I loved getting to know Arwood and his thoughts on Temple. Anyone who wants to improve our town is a great person to know!

Whether you need a video for a campaign or to promote your business and services, I’m ready to help. Fill out the form below to get in touch.

Video Tips: Talking About Sound

Why does good sound quality matter for videos?

You know that your business needs a boost, and creating videos that showcase what you do is a great way to start since YouTube is the #2 search engine after Google. It may seem easy to use your iPhone or even ask a friend with a nice camera or camcorder to help you out, but you might not know how to make sure your video has the best quality. Today we’re talking about why having good sound quality is important. Watch the video filmed by Photo by Skeebo below, or read on to catch the highlights.

Hit play below to hear Skeebo explain why good sound quality matters for videos.

The difference between microphones

In the video, we’ll demonstrate the difference between the microphone on your camera or iPhone versus using a boom mic or lavalier (lapel mic). This video hasn’t been edited to change the sound quality in any way, and you can tell the difference not only in volume levels but also in the sound quality. Although the iPhone was louder, you’ll notice an echo effect that you’ll get in a large room. Using professional mics and knowing how to sync the recordings to your video is key to get the best sound quality possible.

Tuning out the background noise

Another good reason to use a professional videographer to shoot your video is that the microphones used will help capture only what you want the viewers to hear. Using a phone not only looks unprofessional, it also records more background noise that will be more difficult, if not impossible, to take out in post-production. You can’t edit out that coffee grinder or interruption entirely, and trying to drown it out with cheesy music or other effects is distracting to the viewer.

Make sure your message is heard loud and clear

You’ve already committed time and effort to promote your business with videos. We can help you go the extra step of filming your video on location with our professional equipment. We’ll make sure the quality of sound is as sharp as the video so that your potential audience doesn’t lose interest and scroll on to something else. We can also include text to emphasize the points you want to drive home, or make your logo animated to keep that image in your customer’s mind. Whether you’re looking for film testimonials, highlight your services, showcase an offer, or simply tell other about what you do, Photo by Skeebo is ready to help you boost your business. Contact Skeebo today to see how we can help you.

Moving to Ft. Hood – Tips from the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce

What you should know before buying a car

I recently had the opportunity to team up with the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce and a local auto dealership, Toyota of Killeen, to shoot this video on what you should know before buying a vehicle. Although this video was made for the thousands of men and women coming to our area to serve at Ft. Hood Military Base, it’s great advice for anyone looking to buy a new car or truck. You should always make sure you keep your credit in good standing and know what to look for if you’re buying a used vehicle. Watch the video below and let me know if you need help with videos that lay down the knowledge for your business.

Hey Gina! What is this?

Skin not-so-soft sometimes

My good friend Gina is an esthetician and owner of Gina Schober Esthetics. ¬†As I get older, I notice different skin things popping up, so I thought I’d shoot a fun video asking Gina her advice. Sure enough, she knew what it was, but it was a long word that I can’t pronounce. If you have some strange skin stuff going on or need to make your skin look shiny and new, I highly recommend giving Gina a shout. I’ll just be over here applying sunscreen in the meantime…