Video Tips: Talking About Sound

video tips on high quality sound from Skeebo

Why does good sound quality matter for videos?

You know that your business needs a boost, and creating videos that showcase what you do is a great way to start since YouTube is the #2 search engine after Google. It may seem easy to use your iPhone or even ask a friend with a nice camera or camcorder to help you out, but you might not know how to make sure your video has the best quality. Today we’re talking about why having good sound quality is important. Watch the video filmed by Photo by Skeebo below, or read on to catch the highlights.

Hit play below to hear Skeebo explain why good sound quality matters for videos.

The difference between microphones

In the video, we’ll demonstrate the difference between the microphone on your camera or iPhone versus using a boom mic or lavalier (lapel mic). This video hasn’t been edited to change the sound quality in any way, and you can tell the difference not only in volume levels but also in the sound quality. Although the iPhone was louder, you’ll notice an echo effect that you’ll get in a large room. Using professional mics and knowing how to sync the recordings to your video is key to get the best sound quality possible.

Tuning out the background noise

Another good reason to use a professional videographer to shoot your video is that the microphones used will help capture only what you want the viewers to hear. Using a phone not only looks unprofessional, it also records more background noise that will be more difficult, if not impossible, to take out in post-production. You can’t edit out that coffee grinder or interruption entirely, and trying to drown it out with cheesy music or other effects is distracting to the viewer.

Make sure your message is heard loud and clear

You’ve already committed time and effort to promote your business with videos. We can help you go the extra step of filming your video on location with our professional equipment. We’ll make sure the quality of sound is as sharp as the video so that your potential audience doesn’t lose interest and scroll on to something else. We can also include text to emphasize the points you want to drive home, or make your logo animated to keep that image in your customer’s mind. Whether you’re looking for film testimonials, highlight your services, showcase an offer, or simply tell other about what you do, Photo by Skeebo is ready to help you boost your business. Contact Skeebo today to see how we can help you.